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[Update] RoflcopterCraft

Post  Patriot on Sun Aug 28, 2011 7:18 pm

So I server for us to use as a clan. We need more of these to stick together!
But it has just the default commands and such so don't expect anything good. This is also the first server Im hosting and will require Hamachi (sorry). But its good because everyone can join. even cracked users. the server will be up later and me and Patriot/Slant Will be the first ops (admins at the beginning). Remember do not expect a VERY GOOD SERVER. as I said this is my first time. Get Hamachi earlier if you would wish to join as it will be faster and you don't have to wait for Hamachi to download if you guys are persistent on joining. Me and my friends and Patriot are building the town. The server information will be released later. one of my other friends will be admin. (Testing if he has the stability to handle admin powers) This is the server information I can release for now. as we are building the city and economy.

Server type: Roleplaying
Server name:
Admins from launch(Not going to be up to date):RNRoflcopter, RNPatriot, Victor (friend)

Questions and answers:
Q:When will the server be up?
A: I'm not sure heh.

Q:Will there be mobs (monsters) at night?
A: Yes

More Questions might be answers from time to time.
Also Sorry to anyone who might be lagging as the server is on that will be because of my computer or internet as it is not as good as some of you guys out there *AHEM PATRIOT AHEM*.

This may be edited later on.
I might even cancel the arrival of the server and make it for local friends offline.
Note: The server is private ONLY to the RebelNet players and do not share information to others out of clan please.

Thanks you!


Since this has been so long, the server has updated A LOT.
The server is a Bukkit server now and has a ton of stuff to tell you guys.
Server stats:

Capacity: 20 Players
Average Users: 2.79
Most Users At One Time: 5
Total Users Overall: 6
Status: Sleeping
Map Expansion: Around 1869 square miles of chunks generated
Gamemode: Medieval Roleplay
Short Story: The Story of RoflcopterCraft
Five men stepped away from the just departed ship onto the dry sand. One of them suggests they build a town with walls as they began getting wood. This was around 300000 BC billions of light years away in a similar Earth-like planet. The five men who rode the Roflcopter ship were:
These men built a large castle-like town with shops and a residential zone, later to be replaced by a large castle. 4000 years later Sentien stood guard at a weapons and armor shop as crowds of people buzzed by. But a great tragedy happened, no one knew why. Legions of elves began to fight in the mountains of Morodork Perez, pushing away the Orc invasion. Now the planet is barren, only the buildings and towns of Patriot, Roflcopter Country, and Victori stand.
Riender’s son is Altair.

So basically your objective is to thrive in the countries of Roflcopter Country and inhabit houses and shops like RP. Very Happy

Roflcopter may change this post at anytime.

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Re: [Update] RoflcopterCraft

Post  Roflcopter on Mon Aug 29, 2011 5:25 pm

Much better update i forgot to give the latest information.

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