Damn I hate everybody

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Damn I hate everybody

Post  Patriot on Sat Jan 29, 2011 2:44 pm

Just today I went inside Gmod and the server to go play and build some police cars and hotels. When a guy named: "China man" came on he told two guys, Flame Hawk and [Unknown] to get rid of their "Dr. Hax" ragdoll. I told him if it was bothering you, you can go somewhere else on the map while they are playing with their Dr. Hax ragdoll. I also said: "Or you can tell me if it's bothering you and i'll tell them to remove it all together." Then China Man said something about how i'm a guest and have no power over China Man (Rank: New Peoples) Then we got into an argument and he instantly changed to a fimiler friend I once knew called "Rescue Cat". He then proceeded to tell me I was demoted, the fact that I thought it was "Server Permission Bugs" like Douglas said. After telling him that he said I was still demoted. I asked why over and over again and he came out with the answer that Him, Nick, and Sho agreed on demoting me for acting godly. I never acted godly, it was my personality, the personality that made a guy named "Slant". Without that the mingebags and the guests would've thought that the server was abandoned. For any reason whatsoever he never said one shit about me acting godly or even warning me.
It's complete bullshit because I had known Rescue Cat and Sho for a very long time and sometimes we've been friends. Someday I would thought about him betraying me.

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Re: Damn I hate everybody

Post  Douglas on Sat Jan 29, 2011 4:30 pm

Fixing this now. Demotions should not happen without my approval.

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